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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have been looking at a discussion about the use of Wikis in schools and education in a teachers forum. Anyone who has performed a search on the internet will probably have come across wikipedia pages, where people have collaborated to post information about topics on the internet. Some teachers are using these to share links. I feel that these could be used to involve students in their own assessment, and as such I am working on a wiki for higher at http://higherex.pbwiki.com/. This can be used by students to share answers to exam style questions, editing and adding to each others responses. So far I have the home page with links to topic pages set up, and a couple of past paper style questions in the atmosphere section (simply because this was the first page to edit). I hope to put useful links on each page also. I should point out that only students with a password will be able to access this mini-site, although all will be able to view it.
A special mention to my s4 today who made some outstanding movies on environmental hazards, which I enjoyed very much. I have already asked to put some of them here, so these should hopefully appear soon. Two or three to see tomorrow to finish off what has been a very successful exercise, one which I am sure has enhanced students knowledge of their exam case studies. A nice Mount St Helens movie or two among these, which gives me an excuse for the picture....


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