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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter School Part 1-Materials

River 1

Categories; Atmosphere, Rivers, Lithosphere, Urban, Industry, Rural Land Resources, Development and Health
Watch the video
No rest for the wicked. I have two very basic videos here, taken with an old(ish) digital camera during a couple of days away recently. I will be using a worksheet that I have put together, which we may or may not have time to get through, but all the resources you need will eventually be posted on the blog. The worksheet is here . There is a link to a hydrograph exercise put together by Russel Tarr and Rich Allaway. I have also included links to a Thinking Skills exercise on river basins here.
Atmsophere links sourced by Paul Williams and posted on sln first can be found by clicking this. I will hopefully be able to use the whiteboard to get through a bit of circulation cells/wind patterns/ICTZ revision. I have created a statement sort for a model answer, with some red herrings thrown in.
For Urban revision, I have started off using a mind map from Freemind software-I may need to download this at school to show this. There is also a user friendly link for mind mapping any topic using http://www.neale-wade.cambs.sch.uk/revision/mindmapper.html.
I have followed the urban O.S. question with an Industry one which I have created myself, using the O.S. website get-a-map feature. This is in response to an area which was highlighted by your traffic lights exercise. Hopefully, it is of some use. I have also made up a quick dominoes activity-not posted due to problems with uploads just now.
Finally, I thought I would start the Environmental Interactions section with lifeswitch, found on Alan Parkinson's geographypages, which has some great country summary information relating to factor's influencing development. I have also linked to the latter site for a little exercise on NIC's.
All of the exam questions I have picked out are from pre-1999 papers, but you should a) recognise some of the questions if you have been using your own past papers!, and b) gain experience of some of the less frequently asked questions.


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