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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter School part 2-The ones that got away

River 2

Categories; Atmosphere, rivers, rural land resources, glaciation, limestone, coasts, urban, industry
Watch the video
I have several links which we will probably not get the opportunity to use, but which I think are extermely useful for our revision purposes. For coasts in particular, there are some great resources including podcasts on the geobytes website, a site which I have only recently started browsing and can highly reccomend to students-some first class revision materials here. I will put this in the links section when I get a chance. For coasts(lithosphere, rural land resources), sand dunes(biosphere) and footpath erosion (rural land resources) images, there is a geographyalltheway gallery, and Tom Brierach does a flash animation for coastal erosion, and a nice oxbow one too.
I have also been searching back through any of my own images which would be useful for revision-plenty on glaciation, rlr, some on limestone, some Glasgow urban photos etc. I am thinking about the best way for you to get access-might put them on Flickr or something similar and link it here.


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