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Monday, May 01, 2006

....and today

OK, quick post. Some links for lessons:-
s5/6 Biosphere
www.geographyinaction.co.uk Northern Irish site with some excellent quicktime movies showing dune succession-spotted by a member of the class!
s4 Development and Health
http://www.lifeswitch.org/ swap places with someone in an ELDC
Milking_It help with understanding trade and development
Indicators dustbin activity from Active Geography
s3-shanty town link in last post
s1-may be using www.activegeography.co.uk again if we get an ICT room, if not, moving on to Brazil
My resources
This revision worksheet , for online use with sand dune revision
I have a biosphere odd one out, and a lithosphere/landscapes 6x6 which we used to identify features and linked these to case studies last week, but ourmedia is being troublesome again so will post these soon


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