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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Summary posting:First week back...

Categories: s1 and s2 , population, urban, development and health, other
Not been posting for a while, just settling back in after the holidays-just a couple of thoughts to share. I used a google earth tour with s3 some time ago, and it is now being hosted by Tony Cassidy of Radical Geography here , many thanks. May be of interest for revision purposes, or just of general interest as the World Cup approaches. The areas that were poorly defined have now been updated, I would imagine with the increase in interest the WC will generate in mind. s1 finally began the settlement unit, and s2 have been showing some Tokyo movies and powerpoints. s3 have started the Mumbai case study (see more in next post), and s4/s5 /s6 are now revising with the exams in mind, the last assessment being the Human Environments one for Higher on Friday. s4 did some stations work on Friday which I will adapt to Higher level on Monday. That's about it. The photo is the Allianz arena, visited on the Google Earth tour(still under construction on GE)


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