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Monday, May 01, 2006

Last week...

Categories: Atmosphere, Urban, s1 and s2, Other

Just a couple of resources to stick on the blog. I have posted the atmosphere movie below that we used in Higher last week-took us a while to work through it, but hopefully it is a useful summary guide. We have finished revising coasts, hydrosphere and are now in the middle of biosphere revision ( I will post links to the resources we have used/are using in the next section). s3/s4 both did a Thinking Skills exercise from David Leat's book on Improving Shanty Towns, and here is a link from SLN to a good summary resource. I have been using Settlement activities from Russel Tarr at www.activegeography.co.uk with s1, and made up my own thinking skills exercise , which got a few quizzical looks at first, but quickly became a useful learning activity. Got Pupils to come out to the front in zones, and justify why they were here e.g. 'You have seen better days', Inner City? and so on. Think this would work well with most age groups, and can be adapted for difficulty. s2 working through video/sheets at the mo, so nothing new to post yet.

Watch the video


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