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Friday, May 05, 2006

Apart from the Fetch...

Categories: Coasts, Glaciation, Rural Land Resources, s1 and s2
..there is not much else which connects Dorset to Rio/Rocinha, but that's the focus of today's work. For Higher, I have created a powerpoint to summarise the coastal features that you need to know, along with plenty of named examples, and again, plenty of locations for economic and social opportunities provided by the landscape. I have finished this off with a summary of the themes that questions in the examination are likely to focus on. I have also added Wednesday's Google tour of the Cairngorms, with the missing funicular railway placemark and plenty of images added. It is a compressed file, so you will maybe need to unzip it. s4 are continuing with Development and Health revision, mainly past paper work. s2 are watching the Brazil 2000 video looking at Rocinha and Barra di Tijuca after completing some work from the 'Places' textbook last period, and this will be accompanied by a worksheet with timings.


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