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Sunday, May 14, 2006

All Quiet...

Categories: Atmosphere, Rivers, s1 and s2, Industry
Well, exam leave is underway and the school is extremely quiet at the moment. Remember to make use of some of the links in previous posts for your revision. Here are a couple more. When having a chat with higher on the last day, you indicated that Atmosphere was still a bit of a sketchy area for some, so try this link from geographypages- some links here for air masses, atmospheric circulation, climate change and El Nino. Don't forget bitesize for this topic either. For formation of a v-shaped valley (Higher/Intermediate) a flash animation might help. You might want to use some class time for some of the map questions in your past papers also, so feel free to come in and use the resources. I am starting industry with s3, will probably do a sorting activity based around (possibly) parents occupations to introduce types of industry-reasoning for sorting process etc. Ravenscraig(above) has been in the news of late, may be able to tie this in further down the line when covering changing industry. s2 are finishing 'People in Brazil' and we will start looking at the Amazon now, will probably use the channel 4 TV-rom, 'The Rainforest Experience' over the next few days. May do a 'touchy-feely' box with both s1 and s2 Tuesday, products of the rainforest. I will try to put the google tour for Brazil's migrations here once I've sorted a couple of images.


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