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Monday, May 08, 2006

Gross National Happiness

Categories: Rural , Development and Health, Urban, Population, s1 and s2
As some of my students may not have believed me when I told them this story (off the back of Michael Palin's 'Himalaya'), I have included this link today-Play the BBC Bhutan Video in the right hand side of the page for some Development indicators with a difference. I have been experimenting again with Freemind mind mapping software. I have incorporated/will be incorporating this in to a few lessons. Here is an unfinished map for Extensive Commercial agriculture, an area my higher still have some concerns about. I also want to put the completed Mumbai case study map for s3 and the Edinburgh Case study for s4 here soon. I personally find that sometimes the maps become a little cluttered, but I know that some people swear by this form of revision, so if it works for you... Tomorrow, my s1 will be making some migrant journeys on Google Earth, with Brazil their destination. I also tried a 'Guess the migrant' activity involving students in historical and present day roles the last time I did this, so will resurrect this and put on the blog later.


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