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Monday, May 15, 2006


Categories: s1 and s2, population, urban, industry
I have started looking at how developed Brazil is with my s1. I am very pleased with the thought they are putting into their answers-some great definitions of development from their own ideas. As a class exercise for the whiteboard tomorrow, I have created two puzzles for the classes to sort out and then discuss the differences-both of favelas. The links are here and here. Good day today for student input, as another couple of excellent Mumbai movies came in from my s3, a good way to learn the case study without too much of textbook-answer type activities. We also started Industry today with a good response to the group work. Tomorrow, we will look at some images on this powerpoint to think about sectors of industry and industrial location. They are really for use with the whiteboard, but all going well, I'll try to capture the screen and post it here afterwards.


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