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Monday, August 28, 2006

Eastenders or Corrie?....

...is a question you might be asked by someone from an overseas call centre (allegedly). s4 will be finding out a bit more about why, and we will use a couple of good resources available on the web. I used the mystery from sln last year looking at why Dilip changed his name to David, and I see there are some articles listed on another geography blog, http://drhutchinson.blogspot.com . This also has some other links which might be useful-the lucky goldstar links and those to Industry in South wales. I have created a powerpoint plan of the classroom for s1 and we are going to be on the move as we learn about direction in map skills. s3 are finishing the Lake District Case Study, and I will supplement this with a homework today. Higher are doing all the coastal features at the moment- there doesn't seem to be a really suitable text for this yet, so I will supplement your notes with a couple of statement sort style activities that we can drag around on the whiteboard.


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