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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now that summer's gone

Categories: s1 and s2, Glaciation, Limestone, Urban, Industry, Population
Welcome back. Hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and are well rested. I must say that in general, I have been extremely pleased with the exam results and it is good to see that much of the last year's hard work paid off for you, so well done.
I have not been near the blog for a while, and I have several s2 Japan homework resources which I will link here over the next week or so. Tomorrow will be a little hectic for everybody and that goes for me too. For s1, there will be a lot of getting organised, but having met the classes before the summer break, I would like to use some unusual maps from the links below to start us thinking about maps-What makes a good map? What can a map show etc..
s2 will do a little refresher activity on Italy before a class discussion on what we would want to find out about a country if it was up to us. I then want to introduce Japan, and will link back resources later.
s3,4 and Higher have all started the courses, so the lessons will be aimed at reviewing what we did before the break. I will use mapping from memory with s3 for Glaciation-a field sketch showing glacial features and land uses, before groups discuss the conflicts. With s4 I will show the 2006 paper, before doing a bit of walkabout talkabout to review the Human Environment topic, and with s5 for Weathering and Mass movement, Glaciation and limestone. I might throw in a bit of holiday geography to ease us in.
A little reminder-for the new higher class, please feel free to start using the wiki, just ask for the password. I also have this for Intermediate, but it needs a lot of work, so watch this space for some activities appearing to attempt.


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