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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Day on Google Earth

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Rural, Glaciation, s1 and s2
I find myself in the situation that tomorrow will see Google Earth being used in all of my lessons, so I thought that I would create a tour of all my lesson locations with links, starter activities and whiteboard resources. I am experimenting with 4shared for my files due to real problems uploading to ourmedia , but the school server is a wee bit temperamental re: access to this. As a result, we may be on plan B in class tomorrow and this can be used at home, or when we have ICT booked. I am especially keen to get s1 having a go at labelling height on this , before comparing it to the 3d view on Google Earth, then the O.S. map to see how its really done. I have the two locations we will use here . I will hopefully be videoing s2 leaflets tomorrow using the phone, and hopefully, the good work we are doing, whether it be whiteboard shots, videos, audios, posters, powerpoints or anything else can be shown on http://ourstuffonline.blogspot.com/, a new blog purely for student output to be displayed.


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