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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Touring 'Monarch' Country

Categories: Rural Land Resources, Rural, s1 and s2, Development and Health, Games and Quizzes, Writing and Assessment
I took the Higher class through a tour of the Cairngorms on Google Earth today (an old link here ), and I changed the template of the Limestone wordmat to use for examples and key terms along the way. We will finish the tour tomorrow and use the booklets and Applications textbook to complete our case study. I am starting Rural Geography with s4 tomorrow, and thought we could do farming 'tig'-I have a grid of glossary terms which I want students to become familiar with. There are about 18 different terms on the sheet, and I want the class to ask a different person about each one-lots of movement, and hopefully some good ideas. I will then hand out the definitions, but with pupils still to match to the terms. Hopefully there will be some similarities between answers on the sheet and actual definitions. I also think it will help mix up the groupings in the class a little, which may benefit some. At some point, I would like to use the Development farming game, but probably not this period. One game I do hope to use tomorrow, just as a bit of a break in the period, is this . Not strictly related to what we are doing, but hard to stop once you have started. This was flagged on the Geography Forum website. My best position was 293rd, but its harder than it looks! Have now gained a copy of the Japan 'Journeys' programme thanks to the kind people at sln forum, and will show snippets of this to s2 tomorrow, while I will hopefully finalise names for the Alps Trip ballot for s3, while the Keswick map exercise gets attempted. Which reminds me, I'll try to put a basic landscape mapping powerpoint on here soon.


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