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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Evaporation, Population and a bit more..

Categories: Rivers, s1 and s2, Population
Have been looking out some resources to start the Hydrosphere topic with Higher. My intentions are to use a mapping from memory activity for the water cycle as a period starter, but there are some excellent resources for this whole topic online. For tomorrow's work, there is a good video of the water cycle, as well as some more useful resources on the NASA site. If we manage to get ICT booked (hopefully this time when pupil access is not restricted!), I would like to use this site, which is pretty thorough and probably pitched at around the right level. My s2 tomorrow are looking at population in Japan. We will be doing a little work on population pyramids and linking a thinking skills living graph activity into this that I have put into the Pupil Booklet. I might use classtools and the lights out to talk through the pyramid structure, and there are some links at Rich Allaway's site for use with classtools here , which can also be used with my s4 for revision soon. Unlike today's lesson, I will try to keep to the Geography and away from the Elephant Polo (long story)....


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