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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Going to Tokyo

I have worked out (probably wrongly) that period 1 tomorrow with my s2 will be round about rush hour in Tokyo. We will be looking at Population in Japan and Japanese Cities this week, so I thought we could drop in on Shibuya (pic opposite) and some other Tokyo webcams to sample the Tokyo buzz. I might use google earth around Tokyo and the Kanto Plain to help us start the topic. s1 are finishing recording their weather forecasts with the aid of the forecast board, and if it has survived a gust of wind at the weekend, we will visit our all new weather station to start our weather projects. s3 did a good activity using www.classtools.net to brainstorm on images, and we will continue working on land use conflict management today with a murder mystery from the sln site, all the links here . We will pick out the issues at the end of the activity. s4, still on our Paris Basin Case study, but with the NAB on the horizon, and the wiki now up and running, I thought I would put up some population links, which we will be able to use again when we start the development topic. Last, but by no means least, Higher are doing our Dorset Case Study, and while we get on with this, I will put up some images on the board for student use and labelling-looking for features, land uses, conflicts and solutions to be id'd just from the pictures. I will print the screen and stick them on the display of work blog. Light relief for Monday, some tricky questions here. No atlases allowed.


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