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Monday, October 02, 2006

Out in the country

Categories: Rural, Rural Land Resources, Limestone, s1 and s2, Urban
I remember this time last year thinking that every lesson I taught had some bit relating to farms, and I find myself here again, so much so that I took a break from it to create this revision tour for the Intermediate Urban Case study of Paris. If you use this in conjunction with your audio powerpoints, it should help with the assessment revision. I've tried to pose questions within the information to direct your studying. Back to the countryside. I am doing set aside(see photo) and quotas with Higher, but after this, I intend to get students to pick a number between 1 and 7, and split up the key points for rural land resources. I think we will then create summary sheets for a partner, who may then edit. s4 will hopefully be almost finished looking at rural change in an MEDC, so I want to use a couple of images stuck together in a split screen to highlight the differences in rural landscapes between MEDC and LEDC. Some discussion on this, maybe annotate the pictures and put them on the student blog with the higher work from today (left it on the PC at school). s3 are looking at land uses and conflicts in a limestone area, used the 'Who killed Jeremy?' exercise today, and will get some feedback at the start of the period. My s1 today really surprised me-a) they got very animated about leaving class for 5 minutes to get the weather readings, and b) they were very enthusiastic about recording their own weather forecasts. I'm not complaining, pleased that they have taken to this, and have managed to secure some PC's for tomorrow to get more people forecasting.


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