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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Categories: Rivers
Thinking of how to break up double Higher tomorrow and I am going to use some 'stations' in period 6. I have tried to vary the activities and put in some thinking skills, visual tasks and extended writing. We never quite got round to Hydrographs, so I will need period 5 to prep this, after which, a variation of this living graph exercise will be used at one station. Other things definitely being used- the odd one out exercise from the same batch of resources, some terminology cards descriptions, and another hydrograph exercise. I have also put together a resource based around Google Earth for looking at drainage basins and watersheds, stream hydrographs and a bit more, where students can use the whiteboard, and finally, a written exercise based around what we have learned so far in the Hydrosphere unit. There was also a nice activity at Paul Williams blog for A level students, but don't know whether I will use this yet with my class. Not much else happening for tomorrow, s2 onto Japanese cities as mentioned before. I started my movie activity with s4 today and had to question the relevance of 'Don't believe the Hype' by Public Enemy being on a Rural Geog video. CAP? s1 very enthusiastic about Hurricanes, lots having been to Florida, others wanting to know about the 'hurricane' which we caught the tail end of, and others wanting to know about Tornados etc and the differences. Some even knew about the Willy-willies!


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