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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Drainage Basins on the IWB

Categories: Rivers, Limestone, s1 and s2, Geography General
I am doing drainage basins with my Higher class at the moment. Google Earth is being really temperamental since I temporarily lost my profile on the laptop, and there appears to be no real reason for this according to the technicians, so I am just hoping that this placemark is not surrounded by patches of blue seas like the last few that I have tried. I am going to use this with images put on a powerpoint, where students will be encouraged to first of all mark drainage basins on GE and the photos, as well as O.S. maps. We will then use the image of Glen Croe to brainstorm factors affecting channel flow. I fancy trying two of the ideas mentioned on http://www.digitalgeography.co.uk today in future lessons, but with moviemaker, rather than photostory. I think that the 'What happens next?' is something that I could use (thinking about a coasts movie here), but I am also very keen on the student commentaries on a set of images in movie maker. I can perhaps do this tomorrow with s3, but with time as it is, will probably do the National Parks 6x6 from Tony Cassidy mentioned a few posts ago. Again, taking inspiration from here, s2 will be using the Lost in Translation exercise found at the RepresentingGeography section. Need to go over the Weather Investigation with s1, but might get started on extreme weather. s4 are now ready to tackle the India rural case study after the excellent responses to the images of LEDC/MEDC rural activities (see the student blog soon).


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