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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Student Blog Activity

Categories: Glaciation, Rivers, Geography General
Hope you have all had a good rest during the break. I would like to say that I have, but DIY dominated mine, I'm afraid. Did manage to get away for a couple of days, and came up with an activity based on a photo I took and some other sources. I have put this over at the student blog and have asked you to use the comment option to complete the task. I think you may need your own profile for this, but we'll talk about that tomorrow.
I would like to use some old resources with Higher tomorrow, basically a couple of video clips which I will run through Movie Maker. I hope to use this to ask students to comment on possible impacts of drainage basins on hydrograph shapes, as well as introducing some of the topic work for river processes, features etc. A reminder that you can revise this yourself on Bitesize. I was surprised but also very pleased by some of the feedback from the student surveys. Main things that came out of this were that students liked the Interactive activities, liked being involved at the whiteboard and Lithosphere seemed to be the favourite part of the course because of the links to previous work. Some pupils were finding the changes in the marking difficult to adjust to, and felt that they needed a little more guidance before completing past paper homework. I will try to do some kind of summary of the results which I can put on one of the blogs.
s4 are practising past paper questions for the NAB, and s3 are progressing into Coasts with a short video. s2 will be discussing how to approach the Tokyo report, before researching this for themselves. With s1, I really want to wrap up the work on hurricanes, so that we can move on to Brazil this week. Cue some favela building...


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