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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bookmarks for Higher

Categories: Riv ers, Rural Land resources, Geography General, Coasts, s1 and s2
Rivers work today with Higher went quite well, thought I had saved the screens to my pen drive, but must have been to school laptop, so will retrieve. Have found a couple of excellent resources for Higher, both for current topic of hydrosphere, and for the course as a whole . The first, for use tomorrow, has some great video footage and tasks here . The author of these resources, Tom Biebrach, has created several excellent resources, some for use with Google Earth like the one here. If you have internet access, and you don’t have this application yet, I really advise you to download it here . The second resource is Val Vannet’s blog which is specific to the Scottish Higher, and has a recent post on Rural Land Resources which will be of use for a topic we have only recently finished. .
Assessment features heavily tomorrow, with s4 taking the Human Environments NAB, and s1 having a little bit of prep for Monday/Tuesday before getting back to Brazil. S2 are working on the assessed Tokyo Report, and I must thank Chris and Stephanie for their help in the student tutoring which has allowed us to take advantage of the ICT facilities during class time in small groups. S3 enjoyed terrorising my whiteboard with some of the Coasts games at Geobytes , so several people will be no doubt wanting their turn tomorrow (but only after spit formation diagram!). The first comment has been made on the student blog and I see the wiki has also had an entry for Glaciation. Glad to see you making use of your own spaces, let’s keep it going.


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