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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get posting...

Categories: Rivers, Glaciation, s1 and s2, Geography General
I constantly realise that computers are much simpler than I think. We had a problem posting comments to the student blog because you were required to have a profile. I thought I would have to transfer the post to a wordpress blog that I have been messing around with in order for students to post comments, but it literally took me 5 seconds to change the post settings on the original blog. Anyway, the upshot is, s3 can now do the online homework task without any hassles, so please post away! Not much happening tomorrow, hoping to do a bit of work on a presentation I've to do, but have a powerpoint for higher, which basically throws together a few of the themes that we have been working on re: rivers (sample slide above). I am hoping to use these slides not just to answer the simple questions posed on them, but to reason our responses. I will do a bit at the whiteboard, and try to post up the results, but may also involve students in some audio activity, as well as letting some loose on my short rivers video. Its half and half ICT room/classroom for s2 tomorrow for the Tokyo research, providing Chris is in to help out, after which this becomes your homework task. See that s4 have finally started using the wiki , remember to come and ask for help before the Thursday NAB if you have any concerns


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