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Monday, October 23, 2006

NAB links and others

Categories: Population, Urban, Rural, Industry, Coasts, Rivers
Lots of links for s4 today for Thursday's NAB assessment. First stop is the BBC Scotland 14+ Population website, along with the Bitesize site for Standard grade and Higher. Not all of this will be useful to you, but I'll give some pointers in class tomorrow. Same can be said of the Scalloway site, which has lots of great resources, but is designed for Standard Grade rather than Intermediate, so we'll have to pick out the relevant sections. There are some bitesize movie clips for Population etc on the Millfield site which might be useful, and a Population and Farming guess the terminology from www.radicalgeography.co.uk , which might come in handy, but can also be adapted for our syllabus. Other useful sites include the revision guide at www.geographypages.co.uk . Don't forget the wiki.
For Coasts with s3, I was browsing the Geobytes website, which has loads of coasts material, including podcasts and games, which I will introduce to the class tomorrow. Higher are really just getting started again on river features after we covered processes of erosion, transportation etc today, so didn't really get the chance to dabble with movie maker, so will use this throughout the rest of the week. s1 all starting Brazil today, brainstorming exercise, then some mapping. Brazil is NOT in Europe, incidentally....


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