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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Coastal Conundrums, biscuits for later...

Categories: Coasts, Rivers, Urban, Development and Health, s1 and s2
Busy weekend! Just back from a conference, lots of great ideas, some of which I'll use in the next few weeks. One thing which was mentioned, and that I have already played around with, is Live Local, a little like google earth, but not perhaps as user friendly. The one advantage that it has is the level of detail that can be shown close up. I would like to use this as a preamble to some Higher rivers work on the Brighton map, so I am hoping that this link works. Might also try to use it to find some meander scrolls etc, and also the knick point on the Clyde to show students. I also liked the idea from Ollie_Bray concerning the use of Sim City as homework. Thought about using this with s2, who are just finishing Japanese Cities. s4 are ready to start Development and Health after a bit of feedback on the NAB, and I will start this off with my own well-used LEDC or not exercise, but I hope you like biscuits...details to come in the next few days! s3 are just about ready to move on to Coastal Land Uses, but I think some Conundrums might come in handy (from Rob Chambers' Geobytes ) as well as a little check on how well students understand the Physical geography of coasts by using the photos here. Which leaves poor s1 with their assessment...although I have every faith in you all! Just bought a webcam, and when I can get the thing to work, may start experimenting a little with the camera. Last few words, I am really very pleased with the s3 response so far to the blog online homework, although their older Higher counterparts are more than a little slower off the mark. This is a great way to collaborate, and a nice break from the normal and formal type of homework, so let's have a go at making full use of this.


At 10:14 pm, Blogger OllieBray said...

Glad you liked some of the ideas - let me know how you get on with Sim City for homework. Cheers for now, Ollie.


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