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Monday, October 30, 2006

Rich Tea, Anyone?....

Categories: Development and Health, Writing and Assessment, Geography General, Limestone, Coasts, s1 and s2
Just spent a fortune at ASDA on biscuits for a game tomorrow with my s4, although forgot the Ryvita...might do some kind of lesson feedback exercise with this using another Ollie Bray idea. Lots of really good discussion arising from the LEDC or not exercise, a good preparation for what we are about to do tomorrow. Supported study is starting this week (Wednesday), and with the Higher NAB in mind, I am going to trot out the traffic lighting exercise again, just using the arrangements, hopefully allowing me to focus our session around your needs. Sitting in on Miss Green's class with s3 today, she is planning to do a little experiment with Limestone-intrigued to see this in action, as it's something I've never tried with a class. The conundrum activity worked well with my own s3 as a period starter today, and I see another couple of comments have appeared on your blog, well done. I will leave some work for s3 to continue on the coasts topic while I observe next door's sciencefest. s1 are doing the assessment today. Have marked one class and the results are very encouraging. Just one thing from today's classes to update. I was telling my s2 about the possibilities of inter school chat with Japanese schools through www.japanuklive.org.uk and will keep you posted here re: the outcomes.


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