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Sunday, November 05, 2006

You're only a number....

Categories: Population, Coasts, Development and Health, s1 and s2
...and last time I checked, you were one of 6,662,087,901 people, currently crowded on to this rock. I will be asking Higher a good bit more about this today, but we'll make it more of a personal thing-How many people were around when you were born? Check here . I think we'll also make a note of the figure at the start of the period-Almost a full day since the last reading, to see how things have changed. I will be asking the following questions:-
1) How do we get these figures?
2) Can we trust them?
3) Is the spread of people predictable, and why?
On the last point, this does build on previous work from last year, but I have tried to make this perhaps not as clear cut as it seems by creating a short video, above, to stimulate thinking about population distribution.
Spent some time searching for a Japan game online, as I have lost my pen drive with a Japan jeopardy game on it which I had made. When searching sln and the forum for some ideas, I saw this , which ought to get some strange looks, but also triggered me to look on Tony Cassidy's site, where I found this flash game, which very conveniently ties in with the part of the Japanese unit which we are finishing, Japanese industry. s3 have another period to complete the commentary for the 'Coast' programme, while s1 are ready to look at Brazil and Development. Which leaves my s4, where we will be doing some kind of indicators exercise (Could we use cards ?). We already know about the idea behind this, but would we get it right? And why are some of the values so different from what we would expect?
Last word goes to the student bloggers from s3 and Higher who have filled up the comments well in a great response to the blog homework. Still some numbers notably missing, people who would obviously prefer a formal written homework in its place (last chance)......:-)


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