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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Earth Forces meets Favelas...

Categories: S1 and S2, Writing and Assessment, Population
Well, not really, but if my s2 and s1 were to combine tomorrows topics, that's exactly what we'd get. After a time studying Japan, we are moving on tomorrow to study Earth Forces, after a class request for this to be the next topic. I have made a short starter movie, which I'll try to save to blip . Basically, I want students to try to think through some of the images to give us a basis to start the topic. I have also been looking at how NeilGood has been using a wiki with his s4 class. So far we've been using the wikis for collaborative exam answers, but I think that they would be excellent for opening up investigative topics to students and giving them a bit of control over their own learning. I have set up one here for s2, but I can see the value of this for almost every year group, and I fully intend to start one with s3 tomorrow (providing the school server doesn't block this!). With s1, I have split the image of Sao Paulo that I have already posted for a period starter, where I'll ask the class what links the two images, after which we're looking at Rio and Rocinha (Google Earth and the video). This will prepare us for the Favela project we will be completing in one lesson this week. Higher will be looking at this worksheet from Geointeractive-the labelling suggests it is for KS4, which would pretty much equate with Intermediate level study, but having looked at the content, there is a lot of relevance for Higher, and could be good prep for the demographic transition. s4 are all on work experience this week, but I'll try and post on next week's work at some point as I won't be in school Monday to Thursday next week.


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