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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Categories: Geography General
I mentioned in the last post that the school are trying out a new piece of digital video software. Basically, there is a bank of pre-installed video clips under subject headings. I searched through these and found as many Geography related films in the sciences section as in the Geography one. The device, ClickView(link above) also allows you to store your own departmental DVD's which can be copied into subject areas, as well as any Movies that you have made yourself for use in class. I have been having a quick browse at the website, and see that through this you can subscribe to certain podcasts and can import image collections. The possibilities here for easy management of all of the Geog departments multimedia resources are obvious, but here's what I want to know from students over the next few weeks...When we use the video bank clips and/or teaching resources which are included, what is the overall opinion of the quality, relevance etc of the materials? Secondly, we will be trying to use this over the next few weeks, and I have noticed there is a 'schoolbag' function. Once the software has been rolled out across the school and more resources are on this, how functional is this and how useful have students found it-in other words, is it getting used because I'm asking you to, or do you genuinely feel that there is merit in using it? I will speak to Higher about this tomorrow, as I'm going to try one of the population clips on it. I don't know yet how I'll collect the feedback. SurveyMonkey is becoming one of my favourite tools, and I hope to post the feedback on the Japan Unit and the Biscuit Game onto the student blog-we haven't quite collected all the feedback yet, more to do with my laziness in posting the links here than anything else. Anyway, back to marking NABs....


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