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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change for the better?

Categories:Population, Development and Health, s1 and s2, Coasts
Very busy time at the moment, with Miss Green off, Higher sitting the NAB, and a change in the s1 rotation coming up. Also been doing work for a wee presentation to staff last night, and been playing around with something called ClickView, which we have on trial. Just posting links tonight-A Christmas Carol style, with past lessons, present and future. Higher population and s4 development and Health-used something similar to this the other day with s4. Links for Higher include the 6 million human beings site , which I will probably have to wait until Monday to use. Terminology help here for what we are doing just now, and a good scattergraph creator here. There are no doubt some links that I have neglected to post, but we'll get them on here eventually. There are also a couple of images which could be used with some classes tomorrow or later. For Higher, there is a shocker in this article about the one child policy, although we could use the piece for a critique, a suggestion mooted by Noel Jenkins on sln. There is also a great picture here, which I have cut in two for use with my s1. For s4, I am hoping to do the Trading game to supplement the work we're doing on reasons for differences in development. This link is as much for me as you, as I have lost the paper copy of this I had. I am trying to push on with coasts with s3, no links, but I'll need to scan the Swanage map for use on the whiteboard tomorrow. s2 will be playing Japanese Jeopardy, again no links as the file is at school. Made some progress with Japan links and will also put my surveymonkey feedback from the Japan unit on the student blog if I get time.....


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