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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Categories: Geography General
Back to work tomorrow, so been thinking about lessons etc. While browsing some of my favourite blogs for inspiration, I noticed a clustrmap was featured on several. After reading Ollie Bray's comments on these, and a point made by Rob Chambers on one of the forums I visit, I decided to add one to the blog page. A month or so after I started this blog I put a statcounter on it, basically to justify to myself whether this was a medium which students were willing to use or not. One of the features of the stats counter is an indication of the location of the visitors to the blog, and although the vast majority obviously come from our local area, I have had visits, most recently from Portugal, Brazil, Morocco and Thailand, as well as regular visits from the USA. Many of these visits last no time at all, but some stay around for a wee while. The map means that you can view visitors location at a glance(cue a dramatic drop in visitor numbers..). If nothing else, it shows how communications are making the world a much smaller place. The most ironic stat I have had so far is when someone had a look at some of the links we were using when doing Call Centres in India with s4. The location of the visitor....India!


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