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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

With trepidation (and some luck)...

Categories: Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2, Population, Development and Health, Glaciation
...I am going to attempt a simplified version of Noel Jenkins San Francisco decision making exercise with s2. This is dependent on a few things- 1) The temperamental nature of GE in the school- Today, I played around with the overlays and the real time earthquakes kmz file and they were functioning reasonably well, but this is the first time I have been able to get this all functioning, 2) Getting pupils onto GE-We have controls over installation of programs such as this, but I'm hoping to get it on 4-5 machines. If I can't use this, we are working on earthquake effects, so I may do some kind of card sort under different categories e.g preparation for earthquake, Response etc. I would also like at some point to do a short exercise showing the difference in effects between EMDCcs and ELDCs. I might also let students have a look at the New Bay Bridge site, again a link on Noel Jenkins site.
Higher are doing development indicators and have a little work to finish, but I thought it might be useful to share another great link from Ollie Bray, via Alistair Seagroatt which has relevance for population AND development. I also want to reprise some of the DR Congo material that we used a couple of days ago to brainstorm on why some countries are more developed than others, and would like to use Google earth for a bit of exploration of Physical factors influencing development. Finally, I mentioned the melting glaciers file, mentioned by both Noel and Ollie yesterday, which is certainly worth a look, but particularly relevant s3 to s6.
P.S. Just watched 'Imagine' on the BBC, all about the worldwide web, much reference to blogging, wikis, Bebo, Myspace etc. Very Good. I am sure sometimes that you all know more about this stuff than me....
P.P.S. Have been trying to upload the Malaria movie I used with s4 today, but internet connection problems, should now be above this post...


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