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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Hard Work term...

Categories: Writing and Assessment, s1 and s2
Found this cartoon on a student union website (thanks ), and made me think of all the hard work required very early this term. s4 and s5/6 both have prelim exams very soon and s3 have the Physical Environments assessment this month, which means a lot of past paper work early in the term. Don't forget to check back through the blog, which you can search by category, or by month for any links which might be useful. I probably won't have time to do this tomorrow, but I have always found it very useful to look at past answers and allow students to mark these, while then giving the actual mark afterwards. We will definitely have a look at this at some point this week-might use the whiteboard, and save the screenshots. s3 will probably do a little walkabout talkabout, which is always a nice ice breaker after the holidays.
s2 have no assessment worries for a while yet, but are probably wondering where their videos are-scouts honour, they will be here soon! For the time being, Noel Jenkins has a nice volcanoes powerpoint, which we could perhaps use- although we don't go into quite as much detail as this, some of you will have picked up on the links from your movie research. Rob Chambers has also posted a mass of volcanoes information on his blog, which might come in handy. I think I also pick up an extra s1 class tomorrow, and its probably weather that we will be doing-A good week for this, as someone told me snow is forecast. Well, you can always hope...


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