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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Montserrat: The Aftermath!

Categories: Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2, Development and Health
What a fantastic lesson this is! I actually felt that once the lesson had been introduced, the students carried the lesson along themselves. I always see a really competitive streak come out in my classes whenever you suggest some kind of ranking, and points were being pleaded for even for the completion of the hazard map. I will definitely use this more often, thanks again, Noel.
Other happenings over the last day or so (internet down..again!), my s1 are doing some Weather poems, must be at least 8 lines long and include 5 things that they learned about in the unit so far. Recitals tomorrow, maybe an appearance on the student blog to kick start one of my resolutions for this year. Some of the class were also asking if they could play their forecasts for the class, so we'll see about that too. I think (hope) that the marking of past answers went well at supported study with Higher, and I see that again, one of you have edited the wiki. Can anyone add more to the answer? Or what about adding your own question, or using the student question and answer section to put a query out there? Had a bit of fun with a valid outcome with s4 today as we tried to think of examples of public health advertising to support the Heart Disease section of the course-examples of how people can be educated about the disease. Not quite Government backed, but I had forgotten about the 'Belly's gonna get you' Reebok advert! Lots of good examples, though, and shows the power of the box... Moving on tomorrow with Higher to Rural Geography. Gave the outlines today and will have to be brisk getting through this for prelim purposes, so I will put any valid links up here, as I'll have less time to use them in class.


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