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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Montserrat in the classroom and in real life

Categories: Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2, Development and Health
Thanks very much to littlemiss on the sln forum for this link, very convenient as we are doing Volcanoes with s2 at the moment, and I was going to try Noel Jenkins' Montserrat exercise today. Have been looking for something interactive to finish the unit, but the last activity we used was based around Mount Pinatubo, and felt this was very dated (more old videos!!) even although the materials were good. I think we'll keep checking in on events over the next few weeks as well.
I am trying very hard to push Higher through the Development and Health unit, and all we really have left to talk about is a case study of Primary Health Care. We have some information about the 'barefoot doctors' in the text books, and there are some OK links. Wikpedia has a fairly good page, and there is a slightly more negative and politicized, but still informative view here, which would be good for the failures of the campaign (complete with Billy Bragg style propaganda posters!). There is also some relevant information about the situation in China after the policy ceased, and this offers a favourable personal account from one of the people trained under the barefoot doctors scheme. Of course, there is always bitesize, and, hey, you can always test yourself after reading...
I'm going to put a couple of past papers out for your completion in period two of the double tomorrow, so for that reason , supported study will be a little more relaxed, with, as promised, some previous answers which we will try to mark. You will hopefully get an idea of how to structure the extended answers for this part of your paper.


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