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Monday, January 15, 2007

Tracking Hurricanes and Star Wars technology

The closest I could get to a Hurricane and Star wars!

Categories: Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2, Rural
As mentioned yesterday, loads of revision at the minute, but this link which allows you to track hurricanes in Google Earth will be useful tomorrow, and also with s4 in the near future. Thanks to Google Earth Blog. I used Earth Browser today with s1, but as its only a demo version, the information is not up to date. I also liked this game from a really good games resource for Geography.
I went to a course about Pinnacle tonight. I know people have used this with chromakey which allows them to film against a blank background and then put footage behind it a la Star Wars. The course itself was fine, but I was quite disappointed that it did not cover this aspect of the software, and also found out that the school's operating system (Windows 2000) does not cater for the newest version. I had a chat with the ICT Principal beforehand, and he has suggested using ULead. He has offered a little help with this, and I would love to use it. I can see my s4 doing Volcanoes, walking into a movie shot with a smouldering volcano just pre-eruption in the background, while my s2 could be crouching down to look at the rainforest floor as they explain the finer points about the forest ecosystem... Unfortunately, I have already had to discount the use of lightsabers, but I still think it will make learning topics much more engaging :-)


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