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Monday, January 22, 2007

NABs now marked!

Categories: Rural, Environmental Hazards, Population, s1 and s2
One more period on shifting cultivation (fingers crossed), would maybe have liked to have spent a little longer on this, I am sure I have video of Ray Mears and Ewan McGregor both spending some time in the Amazon, and it would have been nice to break this up with a little bit more video showing life among the tribes/survival in this environment. However, needs must...
I am going to adapt the 'find someone who...' exercise for s4, who have some previous knowledge of Plate tectonics, Volcanoes and Earthquakes (but not much of Tropical Storms). I tried an exercise today to introduce the idea of 'what is a hazard?'. Not sure it was a great success, partly because I perhaps made the statements a little too unrealistic, and partly because one of the girls in the class had read the definition of a hazard and accidentally shared this with the class!
I will be giving the s3 NABs back tomorrow, very encouraging first results and I am pleased that some people have really responded to the one to ones I had with you all last week regarding progress-some evidence of good study, well done. We started population today using the population clock and the video starter. Forgot to take the clock reading at the end of the period so will take it tomorrow and see how the population has changed. We then did a lot of work around a short video clip, a world map and some post-its on population distribution, as well as migration. Will pick up here tomorrow.
One of my s1 are being assessed tomorrow, but the other is doing a little climate change mystery after questions related to the North Atlantic Drift mentioned previously. The food miles project started today with s2, and lots of very good work on this-GM crops etc have come up in our discussions, and lots of internet research and re-organising in word today. Will try to book ICT for Wednesday again to progress with this, and may try to create a finishing movie for this using chromakey and starring...you! I had a look at Ulead on Friday and it looks really user-friendly. One tip I have been given is not to use a pale background-one s6 boy with fair skin ended up blending in with the background, meaning all that could be seen was his uniform and hair! Ghostly presences aside, we'll get some of our information on to the wiki on Wednesday


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