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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Enforced Absence

Have not been posting much at all recently, have simply not had any time of late. Higher and Int prelims have been taking up a lot of time, as has some new s2 course development. Over and above that, some other things at school keeping me occupied, and have s2 reports to complete for tomorrow. It was really pleasing to receive some very positive feedback on the last two s2 course areas through survey monkey. I shared the results with my class, but unfortunately can't post them, as this is a premium feature i.e. you have to pay for it! Most pleasing for me was the enjoyment of the interactive activities like the movie making and the montserrat exercise. I was also interested that some seemed to enjoy the peer teaching activity (and I personally was pleased with the way you fed back to each other today and took into account the nerves/awkwardness that some people feel when presenting to a group).
I was a bit worried about the lesson with s3 today prior to the period starting. It was on Population Pyramids and my feeling was that first period back after the break, this would be heavy going and quite dry. Thanks for your contributions to the lesson today, as it actually became quite an involved lesson, and I felt that by the end of the period you were exhibiting a good understanding of what we had spoken about.
Tomorrow, I am unashamedly teaching for the exam only with Higher for Industry. We are basing our lesson round about a past paper where you will be using a case study to look at reasons for the initial location of industries in an area. I want to use a very old video (almost as old as the industries it speaks of) looking at the Sambre-Meuse area of Belgium, simply because it ties in with the textbook work in the Core book. One of my aims for next year is really to update some of the case study and video available for the Higher, as it can be personally quite embarrassing using outdated resources. Geography, I think, should be topical and help lead you to an understanding of things which affect you-It can be hard trying to justify this when using videos that I probably got at school! Rant over... Remember that your next prelim supported study will be on Monday next week for the Wednesday exam.It was unfairly suggested that I scheduled this on the Monday so that my Tuesday evening would be free to watch the football! I know I am going to struggle to justify this, but one of the reasons I have proposed Monday is that it is near enough to the exam to stay fresh in your mind, but also gives you a day between for me to look at past papers that you want a mark for. Will try to start posting links/resources etc from next week again, sorry if I've missed anything out from the past week, just request it if you feel it would be useful...


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