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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What I Know Is....

Categories: Geography general, Writing and Assessment, Environmental Hazards, Population, s1 and s2
Someone once told me that this is what wiki stands for. I have never checked this to verify it, but happily, there has been quite a bit of activity on the Higher wiki of late with people keen to demonstrate exactly this. I have spoken of my desire for this page to be edited and controlled by students, and by and large it is, but from time to time I use it in class to sort out some of the content. I won’t edit this myself, but sometimes using an already edited piece of work with the whole class can open up a few different ways of looking at the questions posed. Tomorrow will be one of those times, going back on my pledge to leave revision and coursework separate just now. Please use this exercise to update the pages if you can.
I am also keen to get s4 using their page more, and I may bring an activity in to class tomorrow which is designed to be completed for homework. Please look at the wiki page over the next few weeks to see this develop. I’m basically splitting the class into groups for some Environmental Hazards topics, with hopefully something quite visual at the end of this. I don’t really want to be forever using the wiki page in school, as I do with s2 at the minute, and I don’t really want to be holding the reins all the time either, so we will see how this goes.
I will spend the start of the period with s3 tomorrow going over a Demographic Transition homework, but then I want to spend a bit of time looking at jotters and so on while some of the core work is completed. S2 are starting Environmental Issues tomorrow, with maybe a bit of survey work around the school (if not tomorrow, then Wednesday). S1 are hopefully building favelas (third class doing this activity, I’ll need to remember to take photos this time).
Now for reminders to myself. I will be tidying up the Alps Trip tomorrow, including some staff changes, need to make some time to have a look at the school website but still waiting on FrontPage being installed (will follow this up). Hopefully will clear my feet with some of the prelim marking before Wednesday’s second paper for Higher and get some cross marking done. I will get these papers back to students at some point this week.


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