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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Big Feet

Categories: s1 and s2, Geography General
We are currently redeveloping our s2 course 'on the hoof' at the moment as a result of moving to the 33 period week. I have been writing the Japan and Environmental Issues units. I was relatively satisfied with the Japan Unit and the feedback has been really positive, and have spent an age trying to finalise the Environmental Issues Unit. Quite by accident then tonight, I found this mini scheme of work on the Internet and it really made my attempts at incorporating your Global Footprints into the coursework look pretty clumsy! Pretty demoralising for me, but a far better resource for you :D This was written by a teacher in England called Daniel Raven Ellison, and I think we will work round about this and I'll adapt some resources for you. Don't worry, I'm not expecting you to read it all, I'm just trying to credit someone else for pinching their work! For the quiz we will use later, just click on the picture to take you there. Why not get your parents to try this version? You might need it for later in the course....There's also the school version, and I am sure there will be a couple of members of staff interested in this. We are doing a bit of local surveying first which I'll try to tie into the quiz.
I welcome two new s1 classes this week, first one tomorrow. I think I'll turn the course on its head a bit and do Brazil first this time-I have just finished teaching this to the previous classes, but both my classes from the last rotation said in their feedback that they would have liked to have spent longer on this unit, so doing this will give us a little leeway. I'm also going to do the customary starter, 'What is Geography?', but think I'll make it a bit different. I'm going to give a reasonable sized blank map of Scotland, as 'maps' always comes up. I'm going to ask the class to tell me what the five biggest town or cities in Scotland are-this in itself will probably be hard enough : s I'm going to then tell the class that size = importance. I'm going to then ask them to put on the map five things that they think Geography is about-the most important should be written on the map in place of the biggest city. I'll try to photograph these, along with last weeks favelas (well the ones which are still standing...) and stick them on the blog.


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