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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Maps, maps, messes!

Favelas- the real thing

Categories: s1 and s2, Industry
I am looking forward to testing more favelas tomorrow. I have finally cleared up the mess from the activity, but am preparing for more tomorrow as we get the water out. I haven't photographed these yet, but I was very impressed again, the last rotation have high standards to beat! I am also thinking of putting these photos not only on the blog, but on the school website as well. Rounding up Brazil topic tomorrow as you get ready to move on to History. I have enjoyed teaching both classes in the rotation, particularly enjoyed using the Simpsons for the first time!
s2 hopefully remember to bring the jackets, as we are going to do a little bit of surveying of the school, the grounds and surrounding areas as we look at the local environment. I want to do some kind of environmental quality mapping from this.
Higher are also stuck on maps, not nice as I heard groans about the O.S. question in today's prelim! We are looking at Industry, and I'll probably do the whiteboard screen shots after the activity and either post here or send to you again. Have a look at bitesize for a summary of what to look for, and then test yourself. On the subject of Higher, I am almost finished marking some of the Environmental Interactions papers. Although the marks have been OK, I would like to see more organised answers. The responses seem to stray around before coming back to the point. This has been a common problem for some in past classes-getting used to writing an extended answer after Intermediate- and I have already told you that last years' class benefited from using wordmats in their revision. I also think that despite many many periods of me on my soapbox, some people are still not using regular past paper revision and are solely relying on notes except when I ask for a homework. The prelim has gone now, but for me, this is the most effective way to refine your answers for the final exam. I have marked many past papers in the last few weeks on request-but all coming from 6 people. Please take adavantage of my offer to mark in the run up to the exam, it will really help.
Last but not least, I think I have ICT booked for s4 who are working on presentations for the wiki. I found this website which has some decent satelite views and webcams of active volcanoes, and if you search around I think there is video on it-may be useful.


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