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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Waterworks at the beeb

Categories: Hydrosphere, Geography General, s1 and s2
I have found in my time teaching the Higher that pupils get very worried about Hydrograph questions. Although in general, the questions in prelims and NABs are done quite well, there seems to be a lack of confidence in your interpretation of the graph. Might just be the teaching....Anyway, here is a resource which I found through Val Vannet's blog, who was involved in creating the new BBC Rivers revision materials for Intermediate and Higher. If I get the time, we'll have a look at this in class tomorrow, I want to just tidy up the mapwork and past paper questions that you were doing on Friday for Urban Geography. If we don't look at the site tomorrow, I'll probably build it in to the Easter School activities.
The other thing that I wanted to blog about tonight was a website called Geograph, which I have been meaning to use in class for some time. It now has a Google Earth link, which I found on the Google Earth blog. I wish I had remembered about this site when we were doing our Glasgow case study, I am sure there would have been some useful images for use around the zones of the city on the tour I played on the Interactive board.
A quick summary of what else has been going on and what we are doing tomorrow. With s1, I found a decent video on ClickView looking at Developing the Rainforest. We are finishing the clip tomorrow, and then writing a letter of support/opposition to rainforest development. S2 have been doing some really good work on the eco footprint and we now have the display up outside my room. We are now working in groups and producing a radio show which summarises some of the issues we have looked at through role play. Most groups will have a narrator/presenter, a member of the public, an environmental expert and a sceptic in the role play. I will probably be able to let some groups use Audacity to record this, but others can record sound in word or powerpoint. s3 are getting ten minutes with the Paris models and then, unfortunately, some real work :-( which poor s4 have had and will have again as we push to get the course finished. Want to get through Earthquakes by tomorrow and on to Tropical Storms on Tuesday, when you will no doubt be pleased to have the opportunity to be poetic...


At 8:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hii sir how do you get on the game webpage where you have to build saftey things before he earthquake strikes etc. and you've only got 20,15or10 mins depending on the level you choose


At 10:06 pm, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Hi there, the game's on the next post now


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