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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ethical Man

Categories: s1 and s2
A couple of excellent programmes on last week for use in the classroom, including the 'Panorama' programme which the picture links to. A colleague in Biology put me on to this, and it fits in perfectly with the s2 work that we are doing at the moment. 'Go Green or Else' tracks a journalist and his family who decide to attempt to drastically reduce their carbon footprint which ended up putting real strains on their family relationships. It will be interesting to watch this before you provide suggestions for how to reduce your own footprints (something practical). On that note, I am really enjoying the developing huge footprint posters which will soon be adorning the wall. You have given a lot of thought to how you and your family have an ecological impact. On the flip side of this environmental argument, a programme on Channel 4 argues that we are all being taken in by the Great Global Warming Swindle. I would have loved to have had access to this when Higher were doing atmosphere. The arguments are presented in a very convincing manner, but I would have ideally centred a debate around this. Finally, I am hoping to get my paws on a copy of An Inconvenient Truth, which supposedly has some stunning visuals. An interesting story here about the man behind the movie, Al Gore, with thanks to Ian Murray on the sln forum.


At 10:59 pm, Blogger GeoBlogs said...

Thanks for the Panorama link. I missed the programme, but will make use of the links - good for Pilot GCSE.

At 12:20 am, Blogger Kenny O'Donnell said...

Programme is really good, I've only got a copy with signing (and it cuts out a little before the end)or I'd send you a disc. Glad the links are useful.


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