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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

River City

Categories: Urban, Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2
We were talking about the riverfront developments on the Clyde in Glasgow today-tried to look up the estate agents sites, which were unfortunately blocked. I had a look tonight, and the Admiral's Gate and Kingston Quay properties weigh in at a cool £2.25 million! We had a discussion about the likely positives and negatives of such developments, and then went on to look at G.E.A.R. The book is a little light on this, but I found a great link from a few years back now which summarises quite a lot of the changes ongoing and in times past in and around Glasgow. I have also put the link to a mindmap which you need freemind for, which summarises the kind of questions you might be asked in an exam for Urban.
I am doing Earthquakes just now with s4, and I would like to get a hold of some rope and springs to show P,S and L waves, but we'll see if I can get these tomorrow. I also spotted some activities on Geointeractive which might be useful relating to effects and responses.
s3 are showing some enterprise with the Paris Models. I have 3D Arc de Triomphes, layered cities to show the metro underground and the suggestion of a pop-up city, each zone popping up as an individual layer! We are continuing with this tomorrow, providing the cleaners don't mistake the unfinished projects for scrap :-s
Finally, I will mostly be doing the 'I'm a Celebrity' task with s1, after watching the rainforest clip, where we ask the students to speculate about spending some time with a tribe and creating a diary hut entry to recount their experience. One luxury item allowed-From past examples, it's amazing the amount of TV's, DVD's etc which can run without electricity or batteries...


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