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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mostly Glasgow (and other bits and pieces)

Categories: s1 and s2, Environmental Hazards, Urban
I have been browsing the internet for some Hazards-related links, and the BBC's sticks out as one of the best for explanation of earthquakes, volcanoes AND tropical storms. We will also have a look at some of the powerpoints placed on the student projects page of the wiki with s4 (although some need to be linked back to this page). I should probably speak to you about cut-offs from the prelim and predicted grades.
We are looking at Glasgow tomorrow with Higher-I used a Google Earth tour the other day with the class, and we passed over some of the G.E.A.R areas. I used to have a video which looked at this, but it had, like me, seen better days! I'm still trying to find a link to a resource which had some online film footage, but this site might be useful. I would probably use the film about the riverfront redevelopment and have also thought about using the Glasgow promo video for looking at City functions, land uses and then asking the class to challenge the image of Glasgow being presented. Of course, the school filter might be blocking all of this...
Finally, s1 are doing a little work on Brazil and Development. I got the class to think about indicators by comparing themselves (had to be sensitive doing this), but used a range of measures, both economic and social (no. of cars, phones, days off school ill, takeaways etc). I have used this before, and it always illustrates perfectly how no indicator really has consistency of results. We then switched this to countries and are in the process of comparing Brazil to some other locations at the minute. Tomorrow, we will look at the role of the Amazon in Brazil's development, using the Channel 4 TV-Rom.


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