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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Building Paris

Categories: Urban
Noel Jenkins has used urban models to good effect with younger age groups, and I have been wondering if I could adapt this to engage my s3 in the Paris Case Study. I have set a little homework asking my students to collect some images of Paris from the internet, brochures etc, and I am giving out an urban planner to structure the work. You will then make your own 'model' Paris. I have set the challenge to include a mixture of images which would be representative of zones in an urban model, and other images where Paris perhaps does not 'fit' the model. I have also asked for inclusion of recent changes to the city, a key part of the case study-It might be traffic ( I love the image of the Arc de Triomphe with all the roads meeting here-I am hoping that there are some examples of initiatives aimed at reducing traffic through the metro, La Defense etc), gentrification, retailing changes, really whatever you have researched. I have organised the activity in groups, and I'm quite willing to pass a couple of periods over to this to see how it goes.


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