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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Skywalking the Grand Canyon, treading the London Road

Categories: Geography General
I have seen the Skywalk story all over the news today, and have been surprised at the focus on Buzz Aldrin and the 4000 ft drop. I have to say although I'm sure it would be spectacular, perhaps even helping Ranulph Fiennes cure his vertigo, my initial thought was 'Why'?. I would have thought one of the things about visiting places such as The Grand Canyon would be the awe inspiring natural environment, and this would surely detract from it-so it was interesting to read how the Hualapai tribe, whose land it is built on, view the development. To read the story, just click the picture. A perfect example of how easy it is to sit thousands of miles away and make judgements about things, something I am trying to stress to my s1 as we look at Brazil and rainforest development.
Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be out helping some of the Advanced Higher with an urban transect. I don't teach the AH this year, but may well be asked to do it next year as it looks like we'll have a decent sized class, so it will be nice to do a bit of fieldwork and see the Geographical study being done (albeit a tad late!).


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