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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happiness is...

Categories: Biosphere, Environmental Hazards, s1 and s2
...getting a blog page visit from the land of Gross National Happiness. I have a little statcounter at the bottom of the page, and a clustrmap, both of which allow me to track page visitors. Unsurprisingly, for a blog designed for students at my school, most visits are local, but occasionally, some people from further afield stumble across a page spending,oohhh, seconds at most before moving on. Today's visit was from Bhutan, Sherubtse college in particular. If you have read or seen Michael Palin's Himalaya, it's nice to get a visit from a country which obviously tries extremely hard to preserve traditional ways of life, and also shows how easy communication has become in the 21st century. Anyway.....
I will thank Val Vannet in advance of using her Biosphere presentation at some point this week for sand dune succession, podzol and brown earth profiles for us in the interim tomorrow. Thanks to Higher for the very meaningful and thoughtful feedback on the course. I am really grateful for the many positive comments, and thank you for your incisive comments about RLR, which I, too, in hindsight thought I spent too long on and hence dragged things out, perhaps making the topic confusing.
Good resources for s4 tomorrow, podcasts for case studies look good at this site (thanks to anwen on sln), and there was also an earthquake in Japan at the weekend, which I might spend 10/15 minutes having a look at.
s1 jotters back, please heed the comments, both regarding the good things you are already doing and the things which need to be looked at. I was impressed with the Rainforest Development letters, even the unfinished ones ;-) s2 will hopefully be starting to record their radio bulletins tomorrow-some great efforts, but remember as a group, everyone should have a voice (literally in this case).


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