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Monday, April 02, 2007

Easter School again...

Cateogories: Geography General
I will be using many of the materials from last year's session (scroll down) , but have adapted some resources to tailor for requests from students. The two 'panic' areas seem to be Atmosphere and Hydrosphere, so I am putting in some of the slides from this revision powerpoint (with many thanks to Ollie Bray), and will be using the Rivers site mentioned recently for both some interactive boardwork and to get us thinking about exam style questions here. Other areas which I'll be attending to-Rural Land Resources for Development and Health-I don't see the point in spending too much of the session on D & H, since assessment and class work shows you have a good grasp of this. I know many of you found the RLR part of the course difficult because of the number of examples to remember. We'll try and look at what makes a good answer here, and the best starting point is your wiki answers-what would we as a class keep in here, what would we add and could the structure be improved? Demographic Transition and Coastal Landscapes in at a push, and I'll run off some sheets on urban models too. I'm sure by tomorrow, there will be some other things which have cropped into my head too, so I'll post retrospectively on these. I have concentrated the past paper questions purely on old examples, taken from my brothers' old booklet (mine's is museum fodder) simply to illustrate how often questions are recycled in the Higher exam...and therefore how important past paper revision is ;-)


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