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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Higher Still Notes?

Categories: Geography General
I found this site while looking for something else-some of you may have already spotted it. There is a forum which seems to be used quite irregularly, but has some decent information in a few of the posts. You will just have to be critical when reading them. The most useful post for Higher seems to be this one, which gives an extremely comprehensive list of websites for use throughout the course.The site also has info for all of your other subjects too.
I also spotted some quite useful comments for students doing/thinking of doing the Advanced Higher, which I've been reading up on of late. I think the thing about the Advanced Higher, if you have it in your thoughts, is that it's a very useful course for uni prep, as it requires a lot of self-discipline - lots of the assessed content is in your portfolio work. I have been helping out a couple of this year's students in the last few weeks, and have enjoyed the insight into the workings of the course, but I'm sure that this year's class will tell you that if the work is not spread out over the year, the workload becomes quite difficult to manage, so planning early is very important. See me if you want more info on the course/arrangements etc.


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