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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

mind maps, movie maker, more global warming

Categories: Writing and Assessment, Urban, s1 and s2

Alright, quick post about tomorrow. Higher slogged out the double today with a timed question and then peer marking, so I'm splitting you into 8 groups and getting you to mindmap the 8 Physical and Human Environments topic (I doubt you'll have the time to complete quite as ornate a map as the one above). I'm going to try where possible to put you in groups based on your traffic lighting, so for instance, if you had flagged up sand dune succession as a red area, I'll probably stick you in the Biosphere group (and maybe drop in one 'green' here to help out). I'll see if this is possible. s4 have an assessment on Environmental Hazards, 25 minute paper, so ten to fifteen minutes at the start for a little revision, Q & A etc. Hopefully the student who posted their question on the wiki has viewed my response by now. S3 are being given a little instruction for making Mumbai movies. This will be important, as although nearly all of you have XP at home, only one of you has used moviemaker before. Adam Lawson has provided online tutorials for making movies at Geogdocs if I manage to completely baffle you.
I thought s2 did well with the Greenhouse Effect activity today, using the images. We used twelve pictures and I asked the class to first of all stick on the board the ones which had an impact on greenhouse gas production. As it were, all of the images should have been used, so this prompted a little discussion. We then challenged the popularly held notion that greenhouse gases are produced by us by splitting the pictures into physical and human factors. We then briefly looked at the notion that perhaps global warming is just part of a cycle. I'm now taking you through the Day After Tomorrow film working under four headings to help us gain an understanding of global warming, and will continue with this tomorrow.
Finally, s1 are either being assessed on Brazil and then being introduced to weather forecasting activities, or else looking at weather instruments and weather words, depending on which class you're in.


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